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Have you ever wanted to fly RC airplanes but not sure where to get started?  Or, have you already purchased a model and want some help flying it for the first time?  Then this is the place for you!


Flying Lessons are used by people of all skill levels and backgrounds.  It's a great way to 'test drive' the hobby before committing to purchases and spending an exponential amount of money buying equipment required for flight.  Or, if you've already invested in the hobby and purchased your plane you might want someone to help you fly it for the first time and inspect it prior to its maiden flight.  This will greatly reduce the chances of crashing it and save you a lot of time, money and headache.  Many modelers get discouraged from the hobby because they buy a plane that is way above their skill level and crash it immediately after take-off.  I can recall many times when someone new to the hobby asks questions about flying and their perception is so far off.  They often believe it is easy and effortless and the planes nearly fly themselves.  WRONG.  It is a very time demanding hobby and takes much practice.  The biggest mistake a new modeler makes is buying a plane because of its "cool appearance" rather than a beginner, entry-level trainer that is easier to rebuild and has minimal control functions.  I know experts make the art of flying look easy but the truth is, its not.  Some people advance quicker than others and some people have been flying for years and still get confused with orientation and other concepts.

Flying with an Instructor eliminates all of the fear and misunderstandings and will surely make for a fun experience.  You will learn the concepts of flying and how an airplane works such as: parts of the airplane; how an airplane is able to fly in the air; how the control surfaces operate and what they do; the electrical components of the aircraft such as motor, ESC, servos, receiver & battery; and how to control the plane using your radio transmitter.  Pilots who are more advanced can benefit by learning different flying techniques and aerobatics.  Maybe you want to try some aerobatics but are afraid you may lose control and not be able to recover.  Or, maybe you've mastered take-offs and landings and want to learn what aerobatics are and how to do them period. 

 There are countless benefits from using an Instructor no matter what you're skill level is; entry-level, beginner or intermediate.  Just fly and have fun while learning at the same time.

How It Works

You can use your own plane or one of our planes.  If you have a new model you've put together and want to fly it then bring it down.  It is highly recommended to fly on your own plane, if you have one, given that each plane flies and handles differently and you want to begin getting comfortable on your own plane since that is the one you will be flying.  However, if you don't have a plane yet you can choose from several different types of aircraft depending on your skill level.  Entry-level pilots will go more toward the 3-Channel power gliders, whereas an Intermediate pilot may want to begin using an aircraft that has ailerons yet is stable.

The student uses a radio transmitter that is linked to the instructor's transmitter by means of a cable.  This is called the "buddy box" system.  The instructor has the main controls and is able to control the aircraft especially for take-offs and landings.  However the instructor also has the ability to hold a switch which gives full control to the student's radio, as soon as the switch is let go by the instructor, full controls are regained.  This prevents the aircraft from getting out of control and eliminates the possibility of the student crashing the aircraft.  As soon as the instructor can tell the student has lost safe control, he will regain the controls and level out the plane, then pass the controls back to the student again.

Below is an image of the buddy-box system that will be used...


How Much Does It Cost?

1 HOUR - The cost for Flying Lessons is $20 per hour.  This includes time explaining the aircraft and controls, examining the plane, going through a pre-flight instruction, and flying three (3) battery packs.  Each battery pack is good for about 7-10mins of flying time.

30 MINUTES - The cost for a 30min Flying Lesson is $15 for 30 minutes.  A full hour is recommended however a 30 minute lesson can be requested.  This includes a quick safety inspection, an abbreviated pre-flight instruction and flying two (2) battery packs.  Each battery pack is good for about 7-10mins of flying time.

 Many times students only need one or two lessons before they are comfortable enough to begin flying on their own.  We don't offer lessons to make money :) we do it to help encourage people and promote the hobby.

Lessons need to be scheduled in advance and are offered on either Saturday or Sunday by appointment only.

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